Nurse Services

Correct as at 11.11.2019

You can see the nurses for any of following services.   

All require a nurse appointment which you can make via reception:




Bladder infection/urinary tract infection

$20 or

$15 with CSC

Female 15yrs+ where symptoms are urinary frequency, or burning, or strong smell.  See if a GP if you’d had more than 3 in 12 months.

Liquid nitrogen


10yrs+     The nurse will ensure that any concerning lesion is reviewed by a GP

Smears- with a nurse

$30 or

$15 with  CSC

25 yrs- 70 yrs

Follow-up wound care

$10 ACC,

Cost to be discussed if non-ACC

You must usually see a GP here at least once for the wound, but can book follow-ups with the nurses.  



Any age

Blood pressure



Blood tests 


You can only book if you’ve been recalled for a blood test Or a doctor requested you have one.

We don’t do blood tests for immigration, drug testing, or work medicals.  You will need to visit a lab- nearest is Witham Street, Hornby. 


 Routine/normal childhood scheduled

or Tetanus 45yrs/65yrs

or  Pregnant women for whooping cough


 NOTE- Travel immunisations require you to see a GP first to discuss & will have a cost

You will usually be recalled for a routine scheduled immunisation when it is due.

Repeat prescription

$20 or

$15 with CSC

IF your doctor has discussed it with you, checked that your medications are appropriate for 6 monthly scripts, and your condition is stable, then you may be eligible to order repeat prescriptions online or by phone.




Phone to discuss, or make a nurse appointment

Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP)



16yrs+ to see just the nurse

BUT Any other issues, or younger than 16yrs, please see a GP.

Diabetes Nurse Clinic



Diabetic, pre-diabetic 16yrs+