View your lab results/patient notes

Click here toView test results

(NOTE: You must register first for the new portal if you haven’t already.) Click this link:   REGISTER FOR PORTAL 

Children under 16 cannot have their own portal access. You can contact the nurses by phone 033478848 if you are looking for results for children under 16 years, otherwise please use the portal.

You can view your lab results, immunisation record, current long-term medications, and your recalls for blood tests etc, online via our patient portal.

Your husband/wife/partner will need to register themselves separately to be able to access their information.

If you need help understanding your lab results please use this link: understanding-test-results


If the results of your laboratory tests are ABNORMAL or require further treatment, we will contact you by phone/text/email/letter.   If the results of your laboratory tests are NORMAL it is our policy NOT to routinely contact patients.

 PLEASE NOTE: You can have normal results in the presence of significant illness.  It is important that you re-attend if your symptoms are persisting or any new symptoms develop.