Patient Newsletters

From November 1st, 2019

From November 1st The Canterbury DHB has made changes to Youth Sexual Health Funding:

*14-17 year olds can still access free sexual health services from any GP practice in Canterbury

18-20 year olds will no longer be eligible for Youth Sexual Health funding,


*Eligible youth can apply for a community services card (CSC) which will discount your appointment to $19. If you are a tertiary student, you should be eligible for a CSC card.

*There is STILL a free sexual health clinic for young people aged 10-24yrs at:  314 Riccarton Rd, Upper Riccarton, Call 03 364 0485​ to book an appointment. The Family Planning Clinic is also a low-cost option.

*Women over 17 years old –who MAY be eligible, can access low cost contraceptive funding for mirenas, jadelles and depos. (Chat to your GP for more info on this.)

September 24th, 2019

Farewell to Dr Hannah Gordon today- wishing her all the best for the future. For those who were enrolled under her we have a new doctor starting December 16th, Dr Madelin Hobson. In the meantime, our other 10 doctors will be happy to see any of Hannah’s patients.

September 11th, 2019

As the measles vaccination efforts need to be concentrated in the wider Auckland Area, Canterbury medical centres have very limited access to the MMR vaccine currently. We do not have any unallocated vaccines at this time, and have been unable to order any more.

September 3rd, 2019

We regret to advise that Dr Hannah Gordon will be leaving Rolleston Medical Centre from September 24th, 2019. We wish her all the best.

If you are currently registered under Dr Gordon, plans are in place to engage a new doctor to take over your care and some patients will be allocated to one of our other doctors who currently has some capacity to take on some new patients. We will update you with our progress. In the meantime rest assured that our team of 10 doctors will be here to cover your health needs.

We have recently sent texts to Hannah’s current registered patients to advise them that she is leaving. If you did not receive a text you may actually be registered under another doctor, or your mobile number may need updating on our records. Please check at your next appointment. There is no urgency.

Please do not phone the medical centre as we will not make any changes to your current enrolled doctor at this time. Furthermore, most of our doctors are not currently taking on new patients.

Message from Hannah:

Kia ora,I have made the difficult decision to leave Rolleston Medical Centre in order to spend more time with my family and focus on an exciting health information project. I have so enjoyed my seven years at this wonderful practice. I have learned so much from all of you and have been humbled by you letting me into your lives. I know you will be looked after beautifully by my amazing colleagues. Take care of yourselves and live well.

Ngā mihi nui.   Hannah

September 3rd, 2019

Dr Stephen Jachacy will be off travelling the world for the next 2 months, starting this week, and will return for December 9th.

September 2nd, 2019

We continue to offer measles vaccines to all babies from 12 months of age.

Latest update: If your baby is 6-12 months of age, and ONLY if you are travelling overseas or to Auckland with your baby, it is recommended your baby is vaccinated for measles first. At least 2 weeks prior to the trip is recommended. *Please be aware that if your baby is vaccinated for measles prior to 12 months old, they will still need 2 measles (MMR) vaccinations after 12 months old to be fully covered in the future.

Any adults or children aged 5-50 WHO ARE TRAVELLING OVERSEAS or to AUCKLAND who do not have two documented measles vaccinations, can phone and speak to our nurses (option 2 when you phone)  about getting immunised.

July 23rd, 2019

*DID you know you can order repeat prescriptions online? See our services tab on the menu bar. 

July 17th, 2019

We have a small number of flu vaccines in stock- only for those who are eligible for a free one. Our influenza page has a link on who is eligible.

We do currently not have any for under 3 years old.


Cancer Society Canterbury West Division is organising a FREE Cancer Research evening at Rolleston College on Weds 14th August 5.30pm-7pm.

Event: What’s New in Cancer Research.
Date: Wednesday 14th August
Time: 5:30pm – 7pm
Where: Rolleston College Auditorium

Topics include:
– Banking cancer tissue for future research
– Immune therapy
– Breast cancer genetics
– Breast cancer research and obesity
– Vitamin C and cancer

We are asking people to kindly RSVP so that we don’t exceed venue capacity. RSVPS can be sent via email to or via phone to Jackie Claridge at the Cancer Society Selwyn Centre on tel: 03 925 9708.

July 15th, 2019

We have only a handful of flu vaccines in stock- availability is for pregnant women.

June 11th, 2019

FLU vaccine: We have a tiny number of flu vaccines left if you are eligible for a funded one. These will be gone shortly and after that there is no more flu vaccine stock available to us. If you are not eligible for a free funded one, you will not be able to get a flu vaccine this year.  The current priority for free funded flus is pregnant women.

If you have a child under 3 years needing a flu vaccine, we do currently have a small supply of this, and they do not need to be eligible for a free one in this age group only. Cost $30.

June 6th, 2019

FLU vaccine shortage- currently NZ has a flu vaccine shortage. We do not currently have any stock of these vaccines. When we get more stock, we are only able to vaccine those who are eligible for a free flu vaccine. This is the current request for all medical centres and pharmacy flu vaccine providers.

We are taking names of eligible people enquiring- and will contact them to come in for their flu vaccine when more stock is received.

We are not taking names of those not eligible at this time, and ask you to keep an eye on our website for updates rather than phoning please.

June 4th, 2019

Rolleston Medical Centre is NOT currently taking on new enrolments. This is not expected to change until early 2020.

*Exception: Those family members living in the same house as a currently registered patient, may also enrol here.

May 30th, 2019

We no longer running any special flu clinics now that the rush has passed. However, we are still offering flu vaccinations- you can book in with our nurses for this- do give us a call.  Or ask your doctor about this next time you’re in.

May 23rd, 2019

There are NO changes to the eligible priority groups for the measles vaccine.  If you have only had one MMR vaccine and do not fall into the groups below, you are considered to be 95% protected with one dose- and vaccine stocks are limited as they are needed to cover outbreaks elsewhere. There are currently no national plans to offer a second dose to those who do not fall into the groups below.

Current eligible groups remain:

*Children due their 15 month immunisations (they can have the MMR from 12months), children due their 4 year immunisations

* Caregivers of a child under 1 year 

*Anyone under 50 years old who HAS NEVER had an MMR vaccination

*Any caregivers, close family members of someone who is immuno-compromised e.g undergoing Chemo (please talk to a  nurse about this)

*Any nurses, doctors or midwives

 You must NOT be pregnant or planning a pregnancy to receive this vaccine.

*People born before 1969 are considered to be low risk and do not require vaccination. 

April 18th

We NOW do have the vaccine for the under 3yrs flu available.

March 31st, 2019-

As of April we are able to provide subsidised fees to those with Community Services Cards. If you think you may be eligible for one, then follow this link for more information:

We are also continuing to update our home page regarding the MMR/measles vaccines. See the home page for details on who is eligible for vaccination.

March 14th-

We now have some MMR vaccines in stock. We are only vaccinating priority people. See our home page for details.

February 21st, 2019:

We have re-opened our enrolments, with restrictions. Please click on our Enrolments tab for details.

January 21st, 2019: Update for community service card holders-

This medical centre is NOT currently opted in to the discounted fees scheme for community services cards holders.
We have however opted in from April 1st, 2019 (we can only opt in quarterly and this is the next date)
Also: ACC consultations for those with Community Services Cards are already discounted by $20.

December 1st, 2018:
At this stage this medical centre has NOT opted in to the discounted fees scheme for community services cards (CSC) holders.  This will be reassessed in the future as more information regarding the scheme is made available.   If you do have a community services card, and do require help in paying for your appointment, please discuss this with your doctor.

However, due to a different funding stream, ACC consultations for CSC holders over 14 years old, will be discounted by $20.

Rolleston Medical Centre DOES offer free GP appointments for registered patients under 14 years of age.

August 2018:

We regret to advise that Dr Margit Muller will be leaving Rolleston Medical Centre from September 13th, 2018. We wish her all the best.

If you are currently registered under Dr Muller, plans are in place to engage a new doctor to take over your care. We will update you with our progress. In the meantime rest assured that our team of 10 doctors will be here to cover your health needs.

We have recently sent texts to Margit’s current registered patients to advise them that she is leaving. If you did not receive a text you may actually be registered under another doctor, or your mobile number may need updating on our records. Please check at your next appointment. There is no urgency.

If you are registered under Dr Muller, but regularly see another of our GPs, you can discuss moving your registration to them at your next appointment. Please do not phone the medical centre as we will not make any changes over the phone. Some of our doctors are not currently taking on new patients.

Message from Margit:

Dear all,
It has been a difficult decision but I am going to take a break from regular general practice for a while to pursue other medical interests. I would like to thank you all for your ongoing trust over the years and allowing me into your lives to advise and support you in your various health needs. I will certainly miss my chats and laughter with you and the wonderful team I was lucky enough to work with. My connections with the medical centre will remain and I may see you when I pop in from time to time. Please stay safe and take care of yourself and your family.

February 2018

Nutritionist- Tania Vincent- Thrive NutritionWeekly clinic on a Thursday, fortnightly clinic on a Wednesday. Appointments are made via her website.

December 2017

Farewell to Dr Natalie Dent who has moved to the North Island.  Welcome to Dr Amanda Parkin who has taken over the care of Natalie’s patients.  Dr Parkin works Wednesday, Thursday (late night), Friday.

We are open normal hours over the holiday season but are closed on the Statutory Holidays of December 25/26 and January 1/2.

August 2017

Enrolled patients can now book appointments online. Look for the ‘book an appointment’ tab for more information.

February 2017

From March 1st, Blood tests will be an additional charge to your doctor consult fee. Click this link for details: BT charge from March1st

January 2017

With the opening of the West Melton Medical Centre at the end of 2016, we are no longer accepting new enrolments from people who live in West Melton (unless they already have a family member, living in the same house, enrolled with us).

We welcome Dr Joanna Dixon- who starts here at the end of January.  She will not be taking on new patients for at least a month while she settles in. She will take over half of Dr Andy Shute’s old patient load (see December below for detail).

December 2016

We have sadly farewelled (on November 18th), Dr Andy Shute who has moved overseas.

Dr Shute’s registered patients have been split between Dr Natalie Dent and our new doctor Joanna Dixon who is due to start January 30th.  Those patients effected, who have a mobile number recorded for them, will have received texts advising them of their new registered doctor.

For Christmas/New Year hours we will only be closed weekends (as usual) and any statutory holidays. All other hours will be as normal.

September 2016

Welcome to Dr Natalie Dent. Natalie will be working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (late night) and Friday morning.

We are currently taking new enrolments from local residents. Please see the ‘enrolment’ page for conditions and details.

Due to many missed appointments, we will now be automatically charging for non-attendance of booked appointments. If you no longer require an appointment, you must call reception to cancel. We use TXT2REMIND (text to remind) to prompt your memory if you’ve booked prior to the day. To receive this reminder, please ensure you keep your mobile details  up-to-date on our computer system.

February 2016

Following her retirement, the care of Lesley Bond’s patients has been taken over by Dr Mathew Hobbs.

January 2016

Welcome to our new doctor, Dr Mathew Hobbs.

Summer update 2015/16

We will be open normal hours Monday-Friday 8am to 5 pm over the Christmas/New Year’s period with the exception of the statutory holidays which are December 25th and 28th and January 1stand 4th.

If you need medical care outside our usual hours just call our phone number 3478 848 and you will be diverted to the Homecare afterhours phone triage service.      This service will advise the best course of action. The triage nurses may recommend home treatment, a next day appointment, calling an ambulance, or travelling in to Bealey Ave Afterhours.

We will not have any immunisation or smear clinics over the 24th December to the 18th January period,  but you are welcome to book these (especially the immunisations) in our normal nurse times over this brief period.

Spring update -2015

Do you know about all our great nurse services?

You can call our nurses for advice and results on 3478 848 then press 2 for the nurse line.

  • You can call the nurse for repeat prescriptions (if you have pre-organised this with your own GP).
  • Our nurses provide blood tests, blood pressure checks, wound care, immunisations, and asthma prevention instruction.
  • Free diabetes clinic on Thursday mornings. Available by appointment for enrolled patients.
  • Immunisation clinics Tuesdays and Fridays by appointment. Childhood vaccinations that are on the NZ schedule are free.
  • Extra flu immunisation clinics March-June annually.
  • $30 nurse-led smear clinics Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons by appointment. You can see your GP at other times for this at a normal GP consult cost if you prefer.

Winter update- August 2015

The flu has hit Canterbury hard in the last 3 weeks as well as other Winter ailments.

The sudden rise in illness has resulted in our doctor appointments being booked up quickly.

You may find at this time of year you may need to wait until the next day, or even two days, to be seen by a doctor.

We do have nurse triage appointments set aside to see registered patients who urgently need to be seen on the same day. The triage nurse will make this decision based on the information provided.

As our dedicated phone triage nurse is very busy at this time of year also, you may need to leave a message on the answer phone- clearly leave your name and number and briefly what you’re calling about, and they will work to call you back as quickly as able.

In an emergency call 111.