MyIndici PORTAL tips and tricks

This clinic previously used the ConnectMed portal. On May 24th, 2021 we changed computer systems and as a result had to change portals to the myindici portal. *This change requires everyone to sign up to the new portal.   

*You need to know your NHI number which is on any of your documentation from the hospital, medicine bottles etc or you can phone reception 033478848 to ask for it.           

 *You must also have a unique email address (it can’t be the same as anyone else’s who uses the portal already). AND we must have this email recorded on your patient file here on the clinic. We can add it if you ring to let us know.  NOTE: If you try and register for the portal AND it tells you there is an error with your date of Birth, the error is ACTUALLY that we don’t have your matching email on our system= call us. 

Here is the link to REGISTER for the portal : REGISTER   It will bring up a page that looks like this:

*Sometimes when you register you may get an error show that says that some of your details don’t quite match and that you need to come into the clinic and show ID- IGNORE this- it is an issue with the spaces in some of our phone numbers that have moved over from the old system. It is frustrating as sometimes it will only ‘partially register‘ you meaning you can only book appointments and nothing else. HOWEVER- in good news– at least 4 times a week all the partially registered people are checked for and then fully registered, so if you can wait a day or two it will be resolved AND you don’t need to come show ID. 


USE THIS LINK to access the portal (don’t use that register link again) = PORTAL ACCESS

It should look like this once you’re fully registered: 

Once you log-in the next page looks like this:  (unless it’s only partially registered you- but we’ll fix that as above)


There are little V’s (circled) on the end  of the boxes that give you more choices. It will only show your registered doctor (my provider) UNLESS you click on the V drop-down and choose ‘all providers’ and then you’ll get lots of doctors to choose from.  There is also a little drop down, if you have other family members, to let you choose them to book an appointment for them too. 


Click medication for repeat prescriptions or click results/reports to see results. 

*You won’t be able to see results until the doctor has checked and filed them at this end.  Some tests can take a while.  As per our website page about ‘test results’, you would be contacted if your results were not normal. 

* There is lots of information about repeat prescriptions on the relevant webpage for this clinic. However to answer the two most common queries: 1) You can’t do repeats for any family members, only appointments. You can ring the nurse for kids repeats etc  and 2) If you can’t see any medications you’ll need to talk to your doctor about making regularly requested medications “Long-term” so you can select them. The doctor will understand what you mean. 

TRICKIER QUESTIONS?  email with a good description and she will be able to help. Reception are easily able to reset your forgotten passwords for you, add or correct email addresses, and provide you with your NHI number.