As of April 1st,2018  Rolleston Medical Centre has temporarily closed enrolments. This will be reviewed later in  the year and any changes will be advertised clearly on this webpage.  A waiting list will not be held. We will still take enrolments for family members living in the same house as a current patient of this clinic.

Enrolment temporarily closed- sign.

Rolleston Medical Centre is a member of  Pegasus PHO (Primary Health Organisation)

Benefits of enrolling with a PHO practice-

  • You will be eligible for reduced family doctor fees including ACC visits
  • Reduced prescription charges
  • Free sexual health visits (Under 21)
  • Free Palliative Care visits
  • Acute Demand Care – GP and Nurse-led care to prevent hospital admission through monitoring in the Community
  • Monitoring and screening for national recalls (Cervical Cytology, Mammography)
  • Free childhood immunisation

Our local enrolment area includes: Rolleston, Weedons,  Dunsandel, Broadfields and Burnham.
Patients 16 years and older are required to sign and date their own forms. Children under 16 years, will have their forms signed and dated by a parent or guardian.
You can enrol at only one Medical Practice.