Good news:

As of 15th August, 2016 we will again be enrolling patients who live in our local area.

This local area includes: Rolleston, Weedons,  Dunsandel, Broadfields and Burnham.

To enrol please call in to the medical centre for an enrolment form.

Enrolment is free.

Patients 16 years and older are required to sign and date their own forms. Children under 16 years, will have their forms signed and dated by a parent or guardian.

You can enrol at only one Medical Practice.

Rolleston Medical Centre is a member of  Pegasus PHO (Primary Health Organisation)

Benefits of enrolling with a PHO practice-

  • You will be eligible for reduced family doctor fees including ACC visits
  • Reduced prescription charges
  • Free sexual health visits (Under 21)
  • Free Palliative Care visits
  • Acute Demand Care – GP and Nurse-led care to prevent hospital admission through monitoring in the Community
  • Monitoring and screening for national recalls (Cervical Cytology, Mammography)
  • Free childhood immunisation