*Sorry, we are NOT currently enrolling new patients. See our enrolment page for details.  *ALSO we see only enrolled patients. There are other local medical centres who are currently enrolling and we can provide details of these options to you.

Level 1-The WAITING ROOM IS open  However masks are required IF you have a COLD/COUGH/RUNNY NOSE/SORE THROAT. We’d love for you to use your own re-usable mask if you have one.

We are still offering the option of phone consults, if this is suitable for you. We will not be offering video consults at this stage,  due to issues with the viewing quality.

If you have reason to believe you have had contact with a suspected covid case, or you work at the Airport/Quarantine facility, please phone our nurse to discuss before you book a doctor appointment. We are doing some covid swabs on-site but are limited by staff, space, and supplies. You are also able to attend the following walk-in clinics:   174 Orchard Rd (airport end) 7 days 9am-4pm,  Whanau Ora 250 Pages Rd, 7 days  9am-5pm.

If your account owing is too high, you may be required to pay your bill before any further services are given.

*DID you know you can order repeat prescriptions online? See our services tab on the menu bar. 



Rolleston Medical Centre is a friendly general practice dedicated to providing high quality care to you and your family. 


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